Seventh issue of ‘Parayawaran Aradhana’ released

The seventh issue of the trimonthly Parayawaran Aradhana' was released
by the Hon'ourable Minister of Forests U.P. on the seventh of October 2009 on the final day of the Wildlife week.

Spiritual Powers
Legendry Trees and Forests
Forms of Worships
Interesting Incidents
Scientific References

Welcome to the Spiritual Aspects of Forests and Environment (SAFE).We feel that modern forestry had focused too narrowly on economic values and commodity extraction. Making forest Management sensitive to multiple values, in addition to the economics of timber markets, fuel and fodder is need of the day. Though current environmental threats have necessitated the discussion of Biological values, such as ecosystem diversity, stability, and sustainability but there are much more deeper values still not well attended to; the spiritual values of forests and environment is one of them. There has, however, been little discussion on this topic by forest managers and scientists. The present crisis in forest management may in part be due to a failure by the forestry professionals to understand and respect the strong spiritual values that many people find associated with forests and environments. Paryavaran Gyan Yagya Samiti a humble organization of persons taking 'Service to the Forests is a Service to the God' and 'Service to the Tree is a Service to the Universe' came forward in this direction with publication of books on Spiritual Forestry in 1999 .This site is a new platform  for collection and dissemination of knowledge relating to Spiritual Aspects of Forests and Environment (SAFE) on global basis.

R K Dubey is the President of Paryavaran Gyan Yagya Samiti, a disciple of Revered Pt.Sriram Sharma Acharya, authored books on Spiritual aspects of plants of which important one being - the Vanaspati Adhyatma...
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